Welcome to the Mathematical Investor

Hello. Welcome to the Mathematical Investor.

This site has the goal to educate people of all ages regarding savings, budgeting and investing (primarily in individual companies although mutual funds and exchange traded funds will also be discussed).

Financial articles
I have written articles and blog posts for Seeking AlphaBenzinga, and The Motley Fool (dedicated to the “amusement, enrichment and entertainment” of investors). In addition some of the articles were published on sites such as Yahoo! FinanceDaily Finance, and Seattle Post-Intelligencer. My focus was how innovation and technology influence business and investing. I also post on StockTwits (under the username mathman6577).

Social media
I frequently post investing and political comments on various social media platforms. Follow me on Twitter: @mathman6577 and LinkedIn. I have created a Facebook page to share information with other early retirees and I also have a YouTube channel which will contain investment and other videos of interest.

I also write short articles, some on investing, on WriterBeat.

To provide some background on me:

I retired from a 32-year career at United Technologies Corp. (UTC) in 2014. I began investing (first in the company 401k plan, later in individual stocks) when I first stated working at UTC, a multinational company with interests across several different industries, primarily aerospace/defense and building systems such as elevators and air conditioners.

Some of the iconic products that I have worked on include the space suit used by astronauts and elevator systems developed by Otis Elevator Company.

I’ve also taught college courses in math and engineering as an adjunct professor at the University of Hartford.

I’ve  traveled the world as part of my job and have met many great people of different cultural backgrounds.

I look forward to your feedback.

Mark L. Morelli
The Mathematical Investor


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Mathematical Investor

  1. Mark,  
    Couldn’t resist the urge to leave a comment. I saw your response to thread on SA re: AFLAC and thought, “Gee, I knew a Mark Morelli in high school. It would truly be a small world if this person was the same.”
    (That would be Wintersville High School, in Ohio)

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