Syndicated Articles for Seeking Alpha

I write articles and blog posts for the financial web site Seeking Alpha that focus on retirement and how innovation and technology influence business and investing.

“How Does Dividend Growth Investing Fit Into The Bucket Approach For Retirement?”

“Having Multiple Investing Strategies Pays Off”

“Thunder In The Desert: These 3 Defense Stocks Were On Display In Arizona”

“Dividend Growth Investors: It Might Be Wise To Put These 3 Small Caps In Your Portfolio

“Dividend Growth Investors: These 2 Mid-Caps May Be Right For You”

“These Dividends Are Back In The Black”

“Dividend Growth Investors: This Should Be Your No. 1 Worry (But It Really Shouldn’t Be A Concern)”

“Honeywell Is No Longer Interested: What Should United Technologies Do?”

“United Technologies-Honeywell Deal: Unintended Consequences”

“Dividend Growth Investors: Keep This In Mind”

“HALT: Testing Your Dividend Growth Portfolio To Failure”

“Looking For Dividend Growth Over The Long Haul? Stick To These Types Of Companies”

“The Situation At Apple Might Be Similar To Microsoft At The Turn Of The Century”

“The Effect Of Recent Market Moves On My Optimal Dividend Growth Portfolio”

“Beyond The Basics: Managing A Dividend Growth Portfolio”

“Happy New Year Retirees: Time To Rebalance Your Portfolio”

“Retirement Planning Options: Transitioning From Accumulation To Distribution”

Dividend Growth Investors Beware: Only 7 Stocks Have Been Aristocrats Every Year Since 1989″

“Revenue Diversification Is Important Too: Consider These 4 Large Caps”

“Fixed Income Investors Shouldn’t Worry About Interest Rates If They Can Drive This Investment Vehicle”

“These 2 Corporate Worries Will Persist Into The New Year”

“Don’t Believe Me (Or Anyone Else): You Must Think For Yourself”

“Big Oil And The Carbon Tax”

“Demographics Will Drive Future Investment Decisions”

“Don’t Worry DGI:These Energy Companies Indicate Dividends Are Safe”

“How To Handle A Potential Shortfall In Social Security (Or Anything Else)”

“For Retirees This Is The Number You Really Need To Know”

“This Energy Patch Is Still Going Strong”

“Time In The Market More Important Than Timing The Market”

“Know When To Fold (And When To Hold)”

“Careful Spending And Attention To Medical Costs May Be As Important As Investment Success During Retirement Planning”

“How Does The News On Wal-Mart Affect My Optimal Dividend Growth Portfolio?”

“Retired? Follow These Four Steps To Generate Income”

“A Change In Moore’s Law: The Impact On Tech”

“This Sector Provides Everything Many Retired Investors Are Looking For (And What Value Investors Are Not)”

“Is The Bull Market Over?”

“Will GM Learn From The Ignition Switch Saga?”

“Stocks Are LIke Hamburgers: Be Bullish When The Prices Goes Down”

“Market Turmoil Adds 3 Stocks To My Optimal Dividend Growth Portfolio”

“Don’t React To Market Turmoil: Have A Proactive Plan In Place”

“These Companies Might Not Be Impacted By The Turmoil In China”

“Boston Beer Co.: Rooting Around The Craft Brew Industry For 30 Years”

“These Things Are The Most Worrisome For U.S. Companies Today”

“These Three Companies Have Debt Rated “AAA” But Not All Are Buys”

“Industrial Giant GE Wants To Grow By Both Addition and Subtraction”

“Win-Win: Lockheed Will Buy Sikorsky From United Technologies”

“Will The Double Whammy Of Lower Oil Prices And A Looming Interest Rate Hike Affect MLPs?”

“The “4% Rule” And The New Normal For Retirement”

“The Case For Wal-Mart”

“Consider These 3 Stocks Approaching Ex-Div. Date”

“A Mix of High Yield and Dividend Growth Stocks Might Be A Good Thing For Your Retirement Portfolio”

“Consider Adding These 3 Insurance Companies To Your Dividend Growth Portfolio”

“The Case for Johnson & Johnson”

“Procter & Gamble: Pros and Cons”

“Will Chevron Increase Its Dividend This Year?”

“2 Growth Drivers And Strong Fundamentals In Place For United Technologies Corp.”

“My Rules for Creating an Optimal Dividend Growth Portfolio”

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