Syndicated Articles for Benzinga

I wrote articles for the financial web site that focused on how innovation and technology influence business and investing.

Here are links to my articles:

“What’s The Outlook For These Three Aerospace And Defense Companies”

“How Does Hacking Affect Consumers?”

“These Three Wind Power Companies Might Take Advantage of IRS Subsidies”

“United States and India Join Forces For Future Trips To Mars”

“Sierra Nevada Corporation Doesn’t Like The NASA Deal With Boeing, SpaceX”

“The Boeing Company Faces a Future Without Its Fighter Jets–So What?”

“The Success of India’s Mars Mission Could Drive U.S. Space Program To Lower-Cost Solutions”

“How TriZetto Can Help Cognizant Technology With Healthcare”

“Will ISIL Impact These Military Communications Players?”

“How Raytheon Corporation And General Dynamics Could Benefit From The ISIL Announcement”

“Lockheed Martin Corporation Vs. The Boeing Company: Which Will Canada Choose?”

“What Investors Need To Know About Cybersecurity”

“Closer Look: General Dynamics Deal Is The Largest Single Order From The U.K. In 30 Years”

“How 3 Companies Are Taking Green Energy Into Their Own Hands”

“2 Companies Helping Develop The Biggest Rocket Ever”

“3 Cybersecurity Firms to Watch Amid JP Morgan Breach”

“Bear vs. Bull: Who Tells A Better Story?”

“These Companies Could Scoop Up Digital Ally”

“What These 5 Defense Contractors Are Spending to Lobby Congress”

“Two Innovations That Could Transform Solar Energy”

“These 4 Companies Could Run the Internet of Cars”

“The 4 Companies Teaming Up For A New Tool To Fight Cancer”

“The F-35 Program Continues Its Struggles”

“How to Profit From the Internet of Things”



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