Syndicated Articles for The Motley Fool

I wrote articles for The Motley Fool. Each posting provided information on individual stocks. I wrote a lot about technology (particularly Apple), energy (focusing on natural gas) and dividend stocks (primarily those on the list of Dividend Aristocrats).

I have had more than 200 articles published so far and am averaged over 2,500 views. If you have any ideas for future articles let me know by commenting below.

Here are some of the articles:

“The Great Engine Wars: A Trend Towards Single Suppliers”

“What does the Apple-IBM Partnership Mean for Investors?”

“Why Apple and Google Are 2 of the World’s Most Respected Companies”

“IBM is Betting $3B on This Key Market”

“How Harley-Davidson and Yamaha Are Breaking the Mold With Their Electrical Bikes”

“Is Apple or Google Winning the App War?”

“Will Samsung Profit From the iPhone 6?”

“Will Robots Boost Profits for Apple, Inc.?”

“2 Apple Suppliers That Operate Below the Radar”

“Is Recent News Bullish for Apple Investors?”

“How Will the Ex-Im Bank Battle Affect Business?”

“Is Google, Apple, or Amazon The Best Play In This Market”

“One Trend That Can Please AT&T, Verizon, and Vodafone Investors”

“AT&T All Fired Up Over Amazon’s Phone”

“Who Will Pay for Samsung’s Tab?”

“3-D Phone: Will It Help Amazon and Hurt Apple?”

“What Does Apple’s Move Into the Internet of Things Mean for Its Stock?”

“What GM Can Learn From Its’ Ignition Switch Problem”

“What is Behind Google Inc’s Satellite Project?”

“Will Microsoft Corp. Hurt Apple With The Surface Pro 3?

“Is the Internet of Things Really Apple’s Next Product Category?”

“Moore’s Law Amplifies Your Investment Returns”

“Will Samsung’s S5 Success Hurt Apple?”

“Coca-Cola Gets More Caffeinated”

“Will Apple’s Retail Strategy Change Under Angela Ahrendts?

“Here’s How Apple Will Make Your Money Disappear”

“Gadget or Gimmick: Will These Three Products Pay Off for Investors?”

“Are These Two Tech Stocks Bubbling Up?”

“Apple Inc. Earnings: The Reports of Its Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated”

“Should Retail Target The Shale?”

“Is Google Spread Too Thin?”

“Keystone XL Pipeline Delayed Again: What Companies Will Suffer?”

“Drone Wars: Google Inc. Beats Facebook to Acquire Titan”

“Will Apple and Google Join The Tech Free Fall?

“Apple and Netflix Dominated The Last Decade: Are The Good Times Over?

“Small Problems Cost GM $300M and Ground Boeing Dreamliner”

“Will These 3 Companies Tune Into Today’s Consumer Trends?”

“Office for iPad” A Winner for Microsoft and Apple”

“Will Google Win The Battle For Your TV?”

“Will Recent Apple Moves Be The Engine For Success?”

“These 3 Giants Are The World’s Most Admired Companies”

“Battery Driving Talks?”

“Is The Tablet Dead?”

“Sony Exits PC’s as Apple Bucks the Trend”

“What Are These Tech Giants Doing With Their Cash?”

“Healthy First: CVS Will Stop Selling Cigarettes”

“Guess Motorola Didn’t Work Out For Google But That’s Ok”

“Will Mobile Retails Payments Be The Next Big Thing In Tech?”

“IBM Is Up In The Cloud”

“Who Is Winning the Battle for Tech Innovation?”

“It’s Elementary, my dear Watson”

“Disruptive Innovation”

“All Fired Up Over Cyber Threats”

“These Five Tech Trends Can Be Your Friend”

“Dividend Roundup: The Three Most Generous Big Companies”

“Since 1993 What Tech Company Has Developed the Most Influential Products?”

“Get Smart: Here’s How To Profit From Today’s Tech Trends”

“Android Is No Cash Cow For Google”

“These Three Businesses Are Dividend Dynamos”

One thought on “Syndicated Articles for The Motley Fool

  1. My daughter has had the good fortune of landing a job at 21 years old at Johns Hopkins Hospital with first year salary projected at 80K plus. Her aspirations are to become a doctor! How would you advise me to educate her on investing?

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